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Self-insured, Level Funded, or an Insurance Captive Medical Plan to Lower Your Medical Plan Costs
Employers are increasingly turning to the self-insured, level-funded, and captive insurance model of healthcare out of frustration with traditional fully-insured medical insurance — but they need to stop and think before diving in says, Bret Harding a self-funding veteran with Blackrock Benefits....

Small & Mid-Size Businesses in Utah Pursue Affordable Care Act “Loophole” for Group Health Plans.
Self-Funded health plans are exempt from ACA premium taxes estimated to raise prices from 2 percent to 4 percent, as well as from the health laws “essential benefit” and "community rating rules." NorthBay Adventure is the kind of small business that could be expected to buy medical insurance for workers under sweeping health-act rules taking effect in 2014....

Partner with a Broker to Make 2020 Your Best Open Enrollment Yet
Open enrollment is challenging. It’s complex, time-consuming, and, if you’re still enrolling on paper, there’s a huge margin for error. But if you partner with a benefits broker from the beginning—and ditch the paper for an online HRIS (Human Resource Information System) you can save yourself time, stress, and money....

Two-Thirds of Employees Look to Voluntary Benefits as a Deciding Work For an Employer
Connecting employees with personalized voluntary benefits, today announced survey findings revealing the growing importance of voluntary benefits on employee retention and engagement. Voluntary benefits are benefits that are offered in addition to medical, dental, and vision coverage....

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