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2635 NE Vivion Rd
Kansas City, MO 64119
(816) 453-7722

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Outstanding work, really helped me get affordable car insurance and renters for my apartment.

I can only say the best about this insurance agency. I needed an SR22 fast to get my license back. They called me the same day to tell me that I am reinstated. Can't say enough thanks.

Lowest car insurance rates.

I needed auto insurance quickly, I was already at the car dealership and they were closing soon. Got my quote and the policy within 10 minutes and they faxed it to the dealer so I could pick up my new car. Really satisfied with their service.

After looking for online quotes all day, I called them and was completely satisfied. Very affordable insurance rates. Much better than other companies. Good job.

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Services Offered
Auto Motorcycle
Business & Commercial Renters
General Liability SR-22
Homeowners Watercraft & Boat