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"Afsaneh offered wonderful customer service and insurance coverage suggestions, as well as good rates. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with insurance coverage." -Ramin

Afsaneh is very knowledgeable about a variety of insurance products and assists her clients in securing the type of product that best meets their needs. As an independent agent, she has access to a wide range of products, which helps her to get just the right ones for her clients. I am very impressed with her commitment to her clients and her integrity. -Joyce

"I met Afsaneh during a one on one meet up and we discussed various topics about life in general. We got on the topic of what she does and how she has transformed many lives through her work as an insurance agent. I have found through my intuition of meeting with Afsaneh that she is a genuine individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is a dedicated individual who will go to extremes to provide the best possible insurance for her clients. She will also send them to other insurance agencies if she feels that she cannot help them with what they are looking for in insurance. I would recommend Afsaneh if you are looking for any type of insurance coverage. She is a diamond in the rough!" -Halen

"Best insurance agency ever. I would recommend to anyone who needs it for house, restaurant, car, rental, life insurance and more." -Abdullah

"Afsaneh is the most detail oriented, and honest insurance agent that I have met. She worked really hard to find me some savings and more coverage." -Ryan

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