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The service I have received from my Best Insurance Representative Cindy Hernandez has been excellent. She is always helpful, prompt and professional. I enjoy talking to her every time I call their office. Whatever we need she promptly gets it done. Cindy, I appreciate you and Best Insurance very much. 



"We have had a very profitable experience at Best Insurance. Two years ago our agent helped us to find a great, competitively priced home Insurance policy, and then went beyond the call of duty to connect me with an agent friend of his who handled our difficult to insure out of state property. This year, he helped us to reduce the annual cost of our auto insurance by 1/2, while nearly doubling the actual coverage on both vehicles. An annual review of your auto and home insurance at Best has been very much worth it 

Best Insurance Services provided extremely competitive rates and looked out for my interests above their own. Admirable integrity and excellent service.

Very professional, great inviting environment Also marylou Cervantes was helpful going above and beyond to make sure my questions were answered

The lady I dealt with was good and saved me a lot of money. They are nice people and I would recommend Best Insurance

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