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35 Crystal Ave
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 432-3357
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NH Home Insurance Deductibles
Your home insurance deductible is simply the amount deducted from a covered loss. It represents a sharing of risk between the insurance company and the insured. Should an accident or disaster occur in which you must file a claim on your homeowners policy, the deductible would be the amount you have to pay out of pocket to repair the damages to your home....

Understanding your NH Home Insurance policy
Homeowners Insurance Policies are designed to protect homeowners against certain perils. There is usually a deductible when filing a home insurance claim unless noted. Individual home insurance policies are determined by named perils and exclusions in a policy. Consult your agent or insurance company regarding any exceptions that may apply....

Looking to lower the cost of your personal New Hampshire Insurance?
            Gas prices are continuing to rise. These inflating prices seem to have an effect on virtually all other related expenses, to the point that everyone is looking for new ways to stretch their dollar!...

Saving Energy and NH Home Insurance

Secure Your Yard and Have Reliable NH House Insurance
Do you need to make some simple changes to your yard so your home is more secure? You may have strong locks on doors and windows to prevent entry of thieves, and purchased NH Homeowners insurance to provide financial protection from burglary, but your yard may be making it easy for criminals to go about their work....

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