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Insurance Options for Youth Camps
Working with children and teens can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also bring a lot of risk. Whether you’re running a themed camp, summer camp or sports camp, accidents are not only likely, but expected. Outdoor activities can lead to sprains, tears, breaks and other injuries....

How Much Liability Insurance Do Youth Sports Camps Need?
Many of those who start a youth sports camp think of the basics first—finding volunteers and coaches, a location, funds, etc. Among those beginning plans, it’s important to consider liability insurance. Before ever bringing in participants, the sports camp should have a solid insurance policy in place to protect against all possible points of liability....

What Does Sports Camp Insurance Cover?
Sports camps are fun and informative, offering a wonderful atmosphere for participants to play their favorite sports and make new friends. But not everything can be predicted, and accidents happen in frequently in sports. Sports injuries can be serious, so it’s crucial that every sports camp has the right amount of coverage....

General Liability Insurance for Sports Clinics
Sports clinics and their participants face a wide range of risks. One of the main risks is injury. When operating a sports clinic, you want your participants to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. No matter how many precautions you may take, however, accidents happen....

Why You Need Directors and Officers Insurance for Your Booster Club
Booster clubs are unique, independent organizations that allow parents and students to show their support for high school or college athletes. With events to plan and money to fundraise, it can be easy to lose sight of the danger that could be hiding right under your nose....

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