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Special Event Insurance
Planning a special event such as a carnival, celebration or family get-together is an exciting time. Securing the venue, reaching out to vendors and setting up the schedule is an involved process that takes patience and perseverance....

Common Questions about Sports Insurance for PTAs
Parent-teacher associations (PTAs) provide an opportunity for school families and volunteers to work together for the school community. One of the ways they might do this is by hosting events involving sports such as kickball or volleyball. Although these activities may bring excitement, they also carry the risk of injuries and property damage....

Important Insurance Needs for Sports Camps
Organizing a sports camp requires forethought and careful planning, and part of your risk management strategy should be to get quality sports insurance. There is always a risk that accidents—from player injuries to property damage—could occur on your watch....

Why Booster Clubs Need Sports Insurance
Athletic booster clubs are often among the most common organizations associated with schools. Although booster clubs may operate in accordance with school guidelines, many are still independent nonprofits. This status can create unique liabilities for the organization since a school’s insurance often will not fully extend to the booster club itself....

Sports Insurance for PTAs
Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) allow parents and teachers to collaborate on various activities for students. Sometimes these are sports-related events, and accidents and injuries can occur. When children are involved in physical activities, there is an increased risk of injury.   ...

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