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As a construction company, whether from our national suppliers or regional sales force, cost transparency is not an option. We need to know what we'll be paying or we'll take our business somewhere else. Beckworth Beneficial showed us a cost analysis of our group benefits, especially our MEC plan, before I even asked. Sam saved us over 40% immediately on our monthly premiums, and that with expanded benefits.

From just a handful of employees to beyond the 50 FTE threshold in ten short years has made my human resources experience like a non-stop learning curve! With all of the other hats I wear, and operations responsibilities to manage, I prefer to be handheld and guided as it concerns our employee benefits administration. Beckworth Beneficial has made this possible for me and our employees. From being guided into an employee benefits portal, sexual harassment training, employee benefits guides, and benefits selection and administration, our organization is well taken care of and I have more peace of mind!

As a company that distributes products throughout the world, we have employees throughout the country, and have even had to have move our headquarters interstate. Beckworth Beneficial has been a steady benefits strength to us throughout our growth. On a practical note, I love our Employee Benefits Guides! I also appreciate that they’re also quick to respond to questions or requests. That’s kind of a forgotten value these days.

Real time HR is just a tough world. Managing between 250 and 350 employees is not easy. There’s always a lot to do, under a lot of different kinds of pressure most every day. Beckworth Beneficial has been more than a help to us the last few years. They have a been a highly accessible, genuine benefits partner and human resources ally for our HR team and employees. The ACA compliance help is huge, I use our free Mineral ThinkHR subscription all the time, open enrollment has gone from chaotic to smooth, we’re working on our own company intranet site, and it’s always fun when Sam is onsite.

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