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Debra Roberts is an excellant agent and takes care of our needs quickly. She addresses potential problems before they become problems.

Debra Roberts is an excellant agent and takes care of our needs quickly. She addresses potential problems before they become problems.


“Bobby Brown Insurance Agency has handled our insurance needs at Flooring America for as long as I have been here – a little over 25 years!  As the office manager, one of my responsibilities is to maintain all our insurance policies for general liability, worker’s compensation and vehicle coverage.  This includes making sure that our coverage meets our needs and that we are getting the best value.  Long before our renewal dates, Donna is calling to reassess our needs, verify our payroll and update our driver’s lists.  Then she starts shopping for the best policies to meet our needs.  I never even have to think about it because I know it is being taken care of.  For our customers who require insurance certificates, I simply forward their requests to Donna and she takes care of the rest.  She verifies the information, handles any special requirements, and issues the certificates in a timely fashion.  The peace of mind I have knowing that our insurance needs are in such capable and caring hands is priceless.”


Kay Newton

Office Manager

Flooring America of Milledgeville


We are fortunate enough to have been clients of Bobby Brown Insurance Company for many years. I say fortunate because the agency and, in particular, our agent Debra Roberts, have always taken care of all of our insurance needs. Through the years, our insurance needs have changed and Debra has been there assisting our every move. Not only is Debra and the agency efficient, but very pleasant and friendly as well. We depend on them and have never been disappointed.

Susan Rogers


Recently I learned a valuable lesson. After being a happy member of the Bobby Brown Insurance Agency family for many years, I hesitantly went to a different agency because of a technical reason. I had become so used to the outstanding customer service delivered by my Bobby Brown agent, Debra Roberts, I took for granted that all agencies were comparable. Unfortunately, my disappointment with the new agency was quickly forthcoming because the level of customer service was so inferior, it was confusing and eventually infuriating. My decision to return to the Bobby Brown Agency was sealed when, after a single call back to Debra Roberts, she had quotes for me within a day or two at most…something I had been waiting weeks for with the current agency. I have only the highest praise for and highly recommend the Bobby Brown Insurance Agency.

— Kaci Collins

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