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I lost my health insurance recently in a divorce, and the insurance company that handles my company's health insurance recommended I contact Baywide since I'm old enough for Medicare. Going on my company's plan wasn't the best option.

I found Doris to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in handling this on a "rush" basis (being a procrastinator, I waited until almost the last minute).

My mom had a small insurance agency until about 4 decades ago, and I know what good service is. Baywide has my strong recommendation.

I just had a meeting with Doris Vorrises, the business owner. She is a gregarious and professional person. I purchased a Medicare Supplement plan through her. She explained everything clearly and smoothly walked me through the application process. It was a very good experience. I would recommend her!

Doris is knowledgeable, responsible and provides great service.

I just referred a friend who is starting to delve into the Medicare maze. I'm confident my friend will get the best advice possible.