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Quarantine Fatigue!
Quarantine fatigue is not only sending people to crowded bars. We’re all getting tired of it—call it quaran-tigue—and that could spell trouble on the cybersecurity front.   Multiple studies and articles of late have noted a trend that could have serious repercussions in the days, weeks, and months to come....

May The Coverage Be With You
One of the toughest parts of commercial insurance is identifying all of the exposures a business might have. I met with a new client yesterday, Darth Vader, who is the Operations Manager for a business called The Empire. It sounds like they have several operations, including security, as well as logistics, and project management....

Beware of Scammers
Cyber-scammers and hackers around the world are working hard right now because they know they have a great opportunity to do what they do best. It’s sad, but scammers are using government relief initiatives to scam people of their money and personal information.   ...

Stay Alert!
Distracted driving is something that some of us forget to think twice about. Consider your daily commute or your weekly trip to the grocery store. These are routes you have taken so often and are comfortable with. You probably change the station on the radio or take a drink of your coffee....

Go Paperless
The infamous junk drawer…we all have one (or maybe two or three). One of mine tends to fill with stacks of old mail, unopened envelopes, bills, and notifications that I opened once and then never looked at again. The last time I was going through it all, the question I asked myself was, “Why do I this to keep doing this to myself?...

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