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Texas has one of the highest numbers of drivers in America. This creates a large pool of those who need car insurance. The costs each driver pays will vary widely. However, everyone wants to pay the lowest possible rates for coverage. As a driver in Longview, what can you do to keep your rates affordable?...

Why Staying Accident-Free Helps Car Insurance Rates
After you have a car accident, you might see a hike in your car insurance rates. Your rates might even remain higher for a period of years, before possibly dropping again. Why do rates go up following accidents? How can avoiding accidents actually qualify you for more savings than your neighbors? ...

The Cheapest Auto Insurance Plan Isn’t Always The Best
When you contact your local auto insurance agent, don't ask them for the cheapest policy they've got. This question will give every insurance agent pause for thought. Sometimes, the cheapest car insurance policy only gets the minimum coverage available. There's a reason why that's not usually the best way to protect yourself....

When to Ask for Auto Insurance Discounts
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It's time to take a trip across the state line. You may be traveling to a nearby state or clear across the country. You know you need to keep your auto insurance up to date. Because you are on the road more, your risk of being in an accident is higher. But, what do you do if you are in an accident?...

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