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Workers’ Compensation Risks for Manufacturers
Manufacturers make things. Usually, they do so on a large scale. Therefore, their work probably requires a lot of automation, and their working environments often become very crowded. Also, the work can be dangerous, even if you make a safe or low-risk product. The process of manufacturing, itself, might harm workers....

Minimizing Fire Risks at Your Business
A common reason to file a business insurance claim is fire. In some businesses, these risks are substantially higher than in others. Yet, in every situation, business owners need to take steps to minimize risks associated with fire on their grounds. There are many ways to do so....

Yearly Home Maintenance Tasks
Your home requires constant maintenance and protection. You want it to be a comfortable place to live, and to hold up for years to come. You don’t want to diminish your property’s security, condition or value by not taking care of it. So, you usually need to undertake regular home maintenance to keep it in good condition....

What Are Vanishing Deductibles in Auto Insurance?
Some insurance companies want to reward drivers who do well on the road. In many cases, it's a way of awarding reliable customers. A vanishing deductible is a type of special offer from some insurers. It is a simple way for insurance companies to reduce how much you pay out of pocket for coverage....

New Additions
We recently added New Jersey as another state we do business in. Call us to get the contact information for Giovanni Mancini for quotes in NJ. We have also added several other carriers to further accommodate the needs of our clients. We now have close to 2000 insureds with over 4000 policies and we care about each and every one....

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