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It certainly has been a rewarding experience working with Rachel at Aspect Insurance Services over the past decade and longer.  From the first time we approached her, she satisfactorily found a way to meet the insurance requirements of our very complex affiliation of entities across multiple States from coast to coast

We moved our insurance requirements to ASPECT INSURANCE SERVICES over five years ago, on the recommendation of another of their  long-time satisfied customers.  Not only did we reduce our insurance costs (in both business and personal insurance needs; and, not just the first year, but year after year!),  but we have also enjoyed intelligent responses to every insurance question we have ever had.  Insurance is complicated and the effort to try to find out just what a policy does and doesn’t cover is time consuming:  ASPECT has provided accurate answers promptly, without our having to spend hours studying the wearisome page of policies.  It is like having a trusted insurance advisor on your staff.”


Rachel has provided her services for the past several years, providing professional advice and assistance with our business insurances. She has helped us optain key insurances for our business in the US, which at times has not been an easy task due to the critical nature of our business in food safety. I would not hesitate to recommend her services; and believe she has the professional ability to deliver the required insurance outcomes for growing businesses. 


Kevin Baker

Magnattack Global


I am so pleased that Rachel Sherman and her team at ASPECT INSURANCE have finally ventured into the Film Insurance Business. She has protected me, personally, for years and when it came time to make my directorial debut with the film GETTING GRACE, I wouldn't proceed without her help. She is an answer to every independent filmmaker's prayers.


Don't call "ACTION" until you have called ASPECT!


Daniel Roebuck



Rachel Sherman and her ASPECT INSURANCE group are THE DREAM TEAM when it comes to insurance. She has successfully solved every insurance need I have ever thrown her way and made sure that I was always well protected and my accounts were well serviced.


Daniel Roebuck

Auto/ Renter insurance client since 2012

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