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2300 Bell St, Suite 6
Amarillo, TX 79106
(806) 457-1253

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Tanner Polk is a great agent. I left another insurance company who kept raising my rates every time I renewed. Tanner and Kerry Polk help me get back to something that I could afford.... Great Agents... Give them I try...

Outstanding prices customer service and always takes care of needs qurstions or concerns

I have been doing business with Apex Insurance for about 10 years. I went around to other insurance agencies and found out real fast that I was where I belonged with Apex Insurance. The best auto & home rates in Amarillo...

I have been with Apex Insurance for 6 years now and have never had a problem with Mr. Polk at all. Anytime that I have a question he is right there with an answer... I have a 16 year old son and trying to get auto insurance for him at an affordable rate was hard but Mr. Polk found us a great rate where the whole household was insurance. Thank you Mr. Polk

I left State Farm due to there rates going up at every renewal. I called Apex Insurance and the rate that I got at Apex Insurance saved me $1,400 over what I was paying at State Farm on my home and auto. Thanks Apex!!!

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