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Fifteen Essential Types of Business Insurance
Starting a business is a big undertaking. One of your primary tasks should be to get business insurance. But, sometimes, that might seem like it’s easier said than done. What types of commercial insurance policies do you need? Let’s take a closer look at 15 of the most important types of coverage that you’ll likely need in your operation....

How Commercial Auto Insurance Works?
Commercial auto insurance is designed to insure vehicles used for business purposes. It stands in to cover these vehicles because of the gap left by personal auto insurance, which generally becomes void if a policyholder attempts to file a claim for a business-owned vehicle or business-related accident....

Fire, Weather, Theft: Preventing Common Property Damage?
Business insurance policies generally come with commercial property coverage. If a covered incident damages your building or belongings, you can get money to replace them.  Every property policy is different. Each has limits and exclusions on the type of damage covered....

Does Car Insurance Cover Lawsuits?
Does Car Insurance Cover Lawsuits?   Car accidents can be nerve-wracking all on their own, but even more so if injuries are involved. If you cause injury to another driver, passenger or pedestrian while driving, you could face a lawsuit for compensation.  Why Car Insurance Lawsuits Happen   ...

Preventing Employee Theft of Customer Information: How Does It Happen? ?
A key part of business operations is keeping customers happy. Keeping their private information safe is also a big part of the job. Most of the time, companies focus on data theft by reducing the risk to the business itself. However, employee theft is a concern. It impacts both your business operations and your customers....

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