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4 Types of Additions to Business Owner’s Policies
Business Owner Policy or BOP is a type of business insurance. It is a basic policy providing the most common types of coverage most businesses need. Purchasing a BOP plan makes sense for many companies because combining these commonly needed policies can significantly reduce costs....

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
Not all homeowners insurance policies are created equal. Just by talking to your independent agent and securing a policy that is the best fit for your individual needs, you can save hundreds of dollars per year on insurance payments. Here are five tips to help you discover how to start saving now:  ...

How Much Is General Liability Insurance for a Small Business?
General liability insurance for a small business helps provide financial protection if a third-party claims damages due to bodily injury or property damage. This type of policy has limits, and your agent can help you decide how much coverage is appropriate to help cover the potential risks and liabilities your company faces....

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One of the most essential business insurance products is workers' compensation insurance. Modern workers' comp insurance carries layers of federal, state and local regulations. These regulations protect both the injured worker and the employer.   ...

Coverage to Buy Alongside Your BOP
If you have a small business, you might be able to buy a business owners policy, also called a BOP, as the foundation of your insurance package. BOPs are very convenient, because while they are one policy, officially, they still contain several types of business insurance. There are cost perks, and a better cohesion of benefits....

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