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"I’m writing to commend Ament Benefits on their customer service assistance.

I was reluctant to search for a new insurance policy, because I’ve done that many times before. I was self-insured, and although my deductibles continued to rise, year after year, it was difficult to imagine a benefit structure that would be best for me.


Nick and Bo at Ament helped me walk through it and see it. They took time to do a side-by-side comparison of policies, based on the features I wanted or needed to use most, and also in consideration of my likely future needs. I had been skeptical of the healthcare marketplace, and advised against their policies by others who think of them as “less robust.” But that thinking is outdated. The plan I chose was much more affordable for me at this stage in my life, and it covers a remarkable number of services. I was able to navigate my profile and homepage with ease. I have to say that this was greatly relieving—being in control of choosing my own practitioners. And there were many in each discipline. I was able to “keep my doctors,” as was originally promised.


So if you’re overwhelmed by the choices out there, or even the question of whether you should make a change, just contact Bo and Nick at Ament Benefits and let them help you sort out the plans that will be the best fit for you. That’s my takeaway; I have a plan that’s a great fit for me. I only wish I had not been so afraid to do this sooner. They made a skeptic into a believer. And I’ve been very happy with my plan."



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