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Are You Paying For Your Neighbor's Roof?
One day, a roofer shows up at your front door, offering a free roof inspection. Innocently, you think that it’s a good idea. Couldn’t hurt to take a look, right? Especially since he says there’s been recent storm activity that could have caused damage, although you can’t recall any....

Motorcycle Safety
Remember Tires When Thinking of Motorcycle Safety When it comes to motorcycles, there are few things as important as the tires. "Tire maintenance is essential," says Kevin Henry, senior product manager for Foremost motorcycle. "It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to inspect a bike's tires and it will help the motorcycle achieve top mileage and performance....

Distracted Driving and Increasing Fatalities
DISTRACTED DRIVING AND INCREASING FATALITIES     USA TODAY FEBRUARY 29TH OMAHA, Neb. - Investor Warren Buffett says distracted driving appears to be a growing problem on American roads that contributed to an increase in deaths last year and hurt profits at his company’s Geico insurance unit....

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