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Houston, TX 77056
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I would like to start off by saying thank you for your service My name is Paulo i currently have 3 active policies with Amco Insurance My agents name is Lucy and let me tell you this young lady had an answer to all my questions, I left very satisfied and pleased due to her customer service, very professional always with a smile on her face and not like these other agencies where all they want to do is get you out of there in a rush, I look forward to being your loyal customer for a long time. While helping me she had a few customers waiting and she still managed to keep a smile on her face and not get stressed out, in my opinion she is magnificient at doing her job correctly, Thank you Lucy you deserve a raise :)

Translation in English
- "I am a customer with Amco auto Insurance, My name is Wiliam Cano, I wanna thank you, for the great customer service of Mr Romeo powe
and I feel very satisfied that I bought my policy here, I recommend you all hire more people like him, that motivates the client to join this company.
Thank you
-Wiliam Cano.

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