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Boat Insurance
When you purchase a boat, the first thing on your mind is probably taking it out on the water for a spin. Before doing so, however, there is a variety of different risks and precautions to consider. Boats are susceptible to unforeseen accidents while out on the water, but they are also vulnerable to accidents while in storage....

Are You a High Risk Driver?
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that insurance providers calculate auto insurance rates based on the level of risk you present as a customer. In short, the more likely you are to cost the company money, the higher you’ll pay for coverage. But what does it take to be classified as a high risk driver?...

Why You Need More Than Just General Liability Insurance
It is important for any business owner to have liability insurance; it is this coverage that will provide the business with assistance if its mistakes or negligence cause harm to a third party, like a customer. However, though very expansive, basic liability policies, known as commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, will not cover all liabilities present within your operation....

3 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back
Renting an apartment, though much cheaper than buying property, comes with its own expenses—namely a security deposit. This deposit can range anywhere from $300 to a full month’s rent and, in most cases, at least half of it is refundable when you move out....

Does General Liability Insurance Cover Employees Off the Clock?
General liability insurance is a common and useful policy that can protect businesses against claims concerning bodily injury and property damage. There are limits to general liability, however. For example, general liability insurance will not cover employees who are injured on the job....

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