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Are 3 Repair Estimates Needed?
Do you still need 3 estimates if you have been in a car wreck?  In today’s insurance world, ALL WRITE INSURANCE says 3 estimates are rarely used. Whether you are having your insurance company or the other guy’s insurance company repairs your vehicle, the insurance company prepares the estimate....

I’m Moving to an Apartment and they say I have to have Renters Insurance. Can they do that?
In a word, yes.  When you sign a lease, you are signing a contract and a condition of the contract is that you carry renters insurance.  But why? More often than not, your landlord is being forced by his insurance company to require the tenant to carry insurance....

Collateral Insurance? What is it?
What is single interest or collateral insurance? Let’s say you have purchased a vehicle and financed it with a car dealer or bank.  During the transaction you promised to provide them with a copy of your insurance that shows you have physical damage coverage.  Physical damage is also known as comp and collision....

9 ways to lower your auto insurance costs
Here are 9 tips to lowering your car insurance costs and how and why they are important. Have a good driving record. Insurance companies historically look first at your driving record to determine your premium. If you happen to get a ticket, see if the court will let you take a defensive driving course to erase the ticket from your driving record....

What Happens if I Drive Without Auto Insurance in Texas
Texas law requires "the motorist or operator of a vehicle to provide evidence of financial responsibility".   What is financial responsibility? Plain and simple, auto insurance proves financial responsibility. If you receive a ticket for no insurance, you have opened up a can of worms that may take months to resolve....

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