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Auto Insurance: Reducing Your Costs
When buying insurance, you want to do everything you can to reduce your bills. We all have to make our budgets affordable. Paying too much for our insurance can quickly drain our finances.   Most households need multiple insurance policies. Therefore, it is important to always make sure you can afford coverage....

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident
An accident on the road requires you attention. You must take proper steps to file a claim with your auto insurance or the insurance of another driver.   By taking specific steps, you avoid complications with the process of filing a claim. You can also get the timely assistance you need from your car insurance policy....

Four Signs That You Might Need Commercial Auto Insurance
Businesses that own or operate vehicles often need commercial auto insurance. However, there are numerous types of vehicles that might qualify for coverage, and some of them might surprise you. Sometimes, even an employee’s personally owned vehicle qualifies for commercial auto insurance, and at this time the business must take initiative to provide this coverage....

Is My Old Motorcycle a Classic Bike?
When you think of vintage motorcycles, a few staples come to mind—old Triumph Bonnevilles from 1965, a Honda Super Cub, a Harley-Davidson XR750, etc. But there are different criteria aside from age that can determine whether or not your motorcycle is a classic amongst insurance providers....

How to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle
Motorcycles have a reputation for being dangerous. This is because of the way motorcycles are built, which are inherently more dangerous than vehicles. Rather than being wrapped in metal and surrounded by airbags, a motorcyclist sits on top of a seat out in the open with little to no cushion in case of an accident....

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