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Does My Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance In Florida?
So, you've started a business in Florida and are ready to start pushing your company to be the very best it can be. You have purchased business insurance, but now must consider whether or not your business needs commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance is required in Florida....

Home Insurance Needs When Building Your Own Home
Building your own house can be one of the greatest things you ever achieve. Knowing that every board, every wall and every support beam was put in place by you and your team creates a sense of pride that few things in this life offer. Yet, new home construction can also be confusing when it comes to home insurance....

Will Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Dirt Bike?
Call a dirt bike a "motorcycle" in front of a motorcyclist, and they're likely to laugh at you. But, according to your insurer, they are nearly the same thing. If you're looking to get an insurance policy on your dirt bike — or your scooter or your moped, for that matter — you're going to be talking to your insurance provider about motorcycle insurance....

When To Update Your Auto Insurance Coverage
Once you've done the hard work of finding the right insurance company and nailing down your policy details, you likely want to kick back and not think about making changes for a little while. However, failing to update your auto insurance policy after a major life change leaves you at risk of improper coverage....

Does My Car Insurance Cover Water Damage?
Homeowners in Florida might have a requirement to buy flood insurance. After all, it's supposed to help you rebuild or replace your house following a devastating event like hurricane storm surge. However, flood insurance specifically applies to houses, not cars....

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