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I typically only review organizations that deliver exceptional customer service, which is why I am writing this review for Allen Harmon Insurance agency in Battle Creek. I recently transferred a vehicle to my cousin and Barb was able to research and find the best coverage at the best possible price. After finishing the necessary paperwork, she proceeded to review the insurance coverage and recommended a 6 month review to maintain a competitive rate in the market. So often organizations talk about customer service, however they rarely deliver the service they sell you. Barb went above and beyond, providing a "white glove" treatment for our insurance services, and that is why Allen Harmon Insurance will have a customer for life! Many thanks to Barb and the team at Allen Harmon Insurance.

I would HIGHLY recommend Tom Sharpley! He has taken such great care of me and helping me to insurance my assets!

Always a pleasant experience! I love that I have an friendly local agent, and not someone that hates their job on the other side of the phone. Competitive pricing with *truly* personalized service, that is what sets Allen Harmon Insurance apart from the competitors. 5 Stars.

A family owned business where every customer and employee is treated like a member of the family. They work to make sure you have the best coverage at the lowest rate. I won't take my insurance anywhere else.

I had a great experience, I dealt with Michelle, she provided fast service and was able to beat my old insurance by quite a bit with better coverage's and she made the transition extremely easy. I highly recommend her and this agency.

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