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After getting to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out, I called AAI for help in understanding issues with my Nationwide Auto Insurance. Christy Jarrell answered my call and long story short: she thoroughly investigated and called me back with a detailed explanation followed up by a point-by-point list of "this is what happened' email. Thank you, Christy!

Nikki Smith, was so wonderful ???? Need more People like Nikki Smith Thanks again.

Worked with Iliana Ramirez on a contractor's insurance certificate. She is very responsive, professional. I highly recommended.

What I like about working with All About Insurance is that I always feel like my needs are being truly listened to, and heard. My agent Mrs. Gonzales-Swinton always levels with me and lets me know that she understands where I coming from, and then works on my behalf to find the best options available. I always feel like I can trust that she is looking out for my interests, both in terms of coverage and affordability. This is why I have kept (and will keep) returning to her at All About Insurance for many years, as those needs grow. When she recently connected me with my first home insurance policy, she carefully and patiently walked me through the various policy options, explaining them to me in terms that I could understand, and custom tailoring it to me personal needs. In fact, leaving her office that day, it occurred to me that I never imagined that it could feel so good to pay for insurance. And that is because she had helped me to find the perfect policy to fit my individual needs- to cover and protect my new home and I for the future. It felt like I had just walked out of a tailors shop, wearing a custom tailored suit of armor or raincoat, or both! It was a new dimension of the new feeling of security that I am learning can come with home ownership. A 'roof' to cover the roof over my head!.. Somewhat to my surprise, it felt like money very well spent indeed.

Very personable and professional. Makes things easier to understand. Makes sure service meet the needs of customer. Friendly and personable.

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