Akin and Associates, Inc.

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468 Highway 67 South
Decatur, AL 35603 3 Other Locations to Serve You
(256) 355-8500

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I have enjoyed doing business with this company for about 23 years. I have always received excellent service. When I have needed any claim information or advice, I always received it in a timely matter.

Your staff assisted me in preparing for inspections and obtaining the proper insurance for my building and business. Thanks to all of you. Wesley

You hired Cherokee!!! She takes care of everything I need! I love working with her and I know I can count on her to take care of everything!

I have been with Nationwide for 16 years now. The staff has always been friendly, helpful and gone out of their way to do whatever was needed. I have been and will continue to recommend Akin and Associates!



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