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On behalf of Grantham Lodge #725, New Bern, we would like to thank Ms. Katy Willett for her kindness, help and patience as she has sought to help us with the insurance claim on our lodge building as a result of damage from hurricane Florence. She has gone beyond the call of duty to help and advise us on what we needed to do to complete the claim process and to see that our claim is correctly considered. It is obvious that she is a valued member of your team and we appreciate her efforts on our behalf.

Katie makes the impossible possible. My wife thinks that I handle our insurance affairs with superhero type speed and response. The secret truth is that Katie is making me look good. She also deals with my Mom - who is an 85 year old client. Katie represents Anders, Ireland & Marshall  and absolutely goes the extra mile every time. Thank you for all your company has done for me and my family. All the Best, Scott Moskowitz

I must compliment Katy Willet on her good work. I call her monthly to check on my insurance status and she is always so helpful. She has the most delightful personality that goes along with her beautiful voice.

Recently replaced a car and agency team, cheerfully, promptly and efficiently added coverage seamlessly for the new car provided new ID card, et al. Continuing quality service by Anders, Ireland & Marshal team

Katy Willett is the best!!!

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