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445-H Western Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28546
(910) 455-5582

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Gina is amazing! Super friendly, does a great job, and gets it done quickly. I totally recommend this office to anyone!

John is the best agent I have ever had by far! If I need anything at all he handles it immediately!! Angela and Heather in the front are always the most pleasant people, they are so welcoming and willing to help!
They cover everything and make sure that I am paying the best rate possible. You will not be disappointed with this agency!

I've had insurance with NW through the Ashlie F agency for 3 years with my house and two cars. I have never experienced such sincere, kind, helpful, and amazing people in the insurance business like those at this agency. Specifically Mrs. Gina, one of the agents there; she exemplifies Amazing customer service. Being military, its hard to take care of a home in NC and a home where we are stationed, but when I'm having a tough time or don't understand something, Mrs. Gina will go above and beyond to help me understand. I am honestly grateful that I chose to utilize this agency.

Ms Gina seemed personally invested in my issue. Outstanding service!

Come see my main man john fortune for all your home, auto, and life needs! John and his team are always a tremendous blessing to me and my families insurance needs!

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Business & Commercial Recreational Vehicle
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