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6168 Saint Andrews Rd
Columbia, SC 29212
(803) 798-4499

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I have been with this company for years and the customer service is great! All of the agents have been able to assistance me with auto insurance. I appreciate Jamie for taking the time to research and help find the lowest and best quote possible.

Super friendly. They've been able to accommodate things / help me with things under my policy, and have overall been great. Jamie is the best! 


Just wanted to tell anyone looking for a great company and the most helpful staff I've ever experienced for car insurance. Heather McManus is my agent and has spent an absorbitent amount of time helping me get the best possible insurance, quotes and every other potential amenity I could need. She went above and beyond what an agent is required to do. Heather is a huge asset to that company, and I am grateful for her assistance.


I have been with Affordable Insurance Group for quite a while now. They never cease to amaze me. Always friendly, always knowledgeable, and all-around nice people.

My agent is Heather McManus. Every single time I call on her services, she is on point.


They were very knowledgeable and helpful! We were in and out. And the process was very very simple. Glad I chose them!

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