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Key-person Insurance
What would happen if your organization lost an invaluable employee due to death, disability or immediate resignation? This type of scenario can be catastrophic to your business’s survival unless you have key-person insurance.  Most businesses employ at least one individual who is essential to their company’s success....

What are the Four Letters of Medicare?
Initially, Medicare was a government-funded program. It sought to provide health insurance to the elderly, who often struggled to pay for care. However, it has grown to include both publicly funded and private insurance options. Most people recognize Medicare for its letter designations: Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D plans....

Is Group Health Insurance Better than Individual Health Insurance?
Everyone needs health insurance, but it can be uncertain what type of policy you and your family need. There are two main choices when it comes to health insurance: group health insurance and individual health insurance.  Differences Between Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance  ...

Why You Should Consider Long-Term Care Insurance
Did you know that that a stay in a nursing home costs approximately $250 per day (or $91,000 per year), a cost that is expected to rise as the demand for services surpasses the supply of nurses? While many adults live long, healthy lives without the need for such care, about 40 percent of adults over age 65 will spend time in a nursing home....

Choosing the Correct Term Life Insurance Policy Length
When you buy life insurance, you probably have an idea in mind about where you want your policy to go. You might want to use it as a vessel to provide money to loved ones for specific purposes. As a result, you might only want your coverage to last for a certain number of years....

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