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What is a Permanent Whole Life Insurance Policy?
Life insurance is designed to protect your family in case you suddenly pass away and leave substantial debt in your place. There are different types of life insurance policies geared toward many purposes.   One of the most common forms of life insurance is whole life insurance....

Do I Need to Offer Group Ancillary Benefits to My Employees?
When you are offering employee benefits, it is important to consider your employee’s wants and needs-especially when it comes to medical coverage. Health insurance is a basic necessity for every employee benefits package, as practically no employee wants a full time job that does not offer this coverage....

Health Insurance for College Students
As a college student, you have a variety of health plan options, and it is in your best interest to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each one:     Parents’ Health Insurance Plan: Individuals up to age 26 who are not eligible for group coverage outside their parents’ plan are entitled to coverage on their parents’ plan....

The Benefits of Buying Term Life Insurance
There are many types of life insurance on the market, but the two primary policies on the market are whole life and term life insurance. Though term life insurance is often viewed as the lesser of the two benefits, it is actually a very dynamic policy that can offer assistance to those who often need life insurance most....

How Do You Qualify for Group Health Insurance?
Since group health insurance is primarily to offer coverage to employees, businesses only qualify for group health insurance if they have eligible employees. Namely, full time employees aside from the owner, business type, employee status and health plan participation from employees.  ...

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