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11350 McCormick Rd - EP III 1102
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
(410) 833-7666
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"Rip and Tear" Coverage
  "Rip and Tear" Coverage   The Problem:   Construction projects often result in damages claims for construction defects. Securing insurance coverage for those claims depend on many factors, including the specific facts and damages at issue, and which state’s law governs....

When is it a good time to look for Umbrella Coverage?
    There is never a bad time to consider it!        Umbrella C can give you an extra layer of protection in case something tragic happens. We all like to think it will never happen to us, but the reality is that it might. ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE ...

Let it Snow...But Check Those Snow Removal Contracts!
    5 Snow Removal Contract Requirements You Need to Review       It’s no secret winter weather creates more opportunity for liability claims, especially slips and falls. If you own a business, commercial building, or manage property, contracting with a reputab...

The Importance of Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Harvey and Irma Come to the Dance!
          Insurance tends to be very boring, until there is a claim filed, and then it becomes real. Harvey and Irma came through the door of the dance hall and everyone knew they arrived....

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