Abbott Insurance Agency, LLC.

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317 West 46th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 824-1160

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Abbott insurance agency has been very helpful over the years. From answering questions to assisting me with completely changing insurance carriers and coverages.

I have been with Abbott and Terry for 20+years and have been very satisfied with attention given to me when I have reached out to him. Good person to have working with you.

Terry has been wonderful and easy to work with for the many years my family has utilized Abbott Insurance. I appreciate that he ensures we know all our options and is easy to reach with questions or needs. I highly recommend Abbott!

Terry has been a great agent for many years. We have always received the best support and service. He will ensure you get the best insurance for your needs. Trusted. Highly recommended. Thanks Terry!

Best place in town to get insurance I've been with them for 10years

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Services Offered
Auto Pet
Business & Commercial Recreational Vehicle
Condominium Renters
Homeowners Umbrella Coverage