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Commercial Insurance You Need Alongside a BOP
Small businesses need to get their commercial insurance benefits conveniently and affordably. One of the best ways to do that is to buy a business owners policy, also known as a BOP. These are package policies that offer several pieces of essential commercial insurance in one place, and these benefits are tailored to fit the needs of smaller operations....

Damages You Didn’t Know Were Covered by Home Insurance
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Why Rates Rise if You Total Your Car
Having a car wreck means damaging your vehicle, and possibly turning to your auto insurance to pay for the repairs. However, there are times when your insurer might opt to declare your car a total loss. At this time, they will provide you with a settlement to replace your vehicle (provided that you have physical damage insurance in the first place)....

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What Coverages are Included in a BOP?
A BOP, also known as a business owners policy, works to combine useful coverages for small businesses in low risk industries. This type of policy can be adjusted and expanded to fit several coverages as needed by the business or business owner, but a basic BOP includes two main coverages:  ...

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