A American Advantage Insurance

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4101 Dayton Blvd Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37415
(423) 870-3545

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Staff is great and my recent claim was settled quickly. Would definitely recommend trying them out

Excellent service! Great prices too!

Low insurance rates and excellent service! They shop my auto and home coverage so I don't have to!

Professionalism and caring describe the people that work at this establishment. Just what I was looking for!

My first auto claim was 3 days ago and from the minute I called my agent, he walked me through every step of the process with a calm voice and was so helpful. I've been insured with A American Advantage for over 10 years and always appreciate the kindness and service the entire staff provides. Most of my family is insured with this company and I can honestly say that the staff feels like family to me. I would highly recommend giving them a try.. JW

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Services Offered
Auto Limousine
Bonds Motorcycle
Business & Commercial Recreational Vehicle
Farm Renters
Flood Trucking
Homeowners Watercraft & Boat