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I just can’t say enough how very grateful I am to AAKOBB Financial Services (and Patrick) for helping me fight off the IRS and get the tax refund that was rightly due me for 2011 (and also 2012). A friend told me about Patrick and I went to see him in January of 2013 because the IRS had refused to allow the claim of my 2 daughters as my dependents on my 2011 tax returns (and also changed my filing status from Head of Household to Single as a result of that), and I had been trying to get them to change their mind – unsuccessfully up to that point, I must add. Not only had they (the IRS) held up most of the refund due on my 2011 Form 1040, they were also trying to take back the small part of the refund they originally paid to me, and the penalties and interest on this amount were piling up. Patrick carefully listened to my story, thoroughly reviewed the documents I brought to his office, asked questions to clarify things (about my daughters’ and my personal situation) and then went to work trying to get the IRS to change their mind about me being able to lawfully claim my daughters as my dependents.

My case actually took much longer to resolve than I had anticipated because the IRS was not about to give in easily; they kept coming back time and again with demands for this document and that document. But Patrick was no push-over either; he was patient (and actually advised me to do the same when dealing with the IRS), courteously answering the questions of the IRS agents that he dealt with and providing them with all the information they asked for, yet he was tenacious and steadfast in his quest to get them to change their stance on my case, seeming to know exactly how to deal with them (no doubt from his days working as an IRS Agent himself). And ultimately that’s what happened: in September 2013, nearly 9 months after AAKOBB Financial Services took over the case (and over 18 months after I started fighting with the IRS over the right to claim my daughters on my tax returns), Patrick got the IRS to back off and allow my 2011 tax returns as filed – with the HOH filing status and my daughters as my legitimate dependents. And instead of paying over $4,000.00 in additional taxes, penalties and interest to the IRS for 2011, I received my held-up refund of over $7,000.00 for that year (with interest from the government), and was also able to receive the refund (of a similar amount) for my 2012 taxes, which was also held up when that year’s return was filed (pending the outcome of the 2011 case). Hopefully I never have to fight with the IRS over anything again, but if that ever happens, I know just whom I’m calling to work for me: AAKOBB Financial Services!


I went to the office of AAKOBB Financial Services in March of 2011 because for almost one year (until then) I had been battling with the IRS over their refusal to allow the claim of my daughter (born in 2008) on my 2009 Form 1040 as my dependent, meaning I could neither use the head-of-household filing status (based on my daughter as my dependent) or take her exemption deduction and other tax credits pertaining to her on that tax return. After carefully listening to my story and taking the time to review all the documents that I brought to his office, Patrick (the principal of AAKOBB) told me that not only were the IRS wrongly denying the exemption for my daughter, they were also incorrectly trying to tax me on a small amount of unemployment compensation I had received during 2009. Patrick went into full “attack mode” with the IRS and fought them on my behalf all the way to the U.S. Tax Court, ultimately winning the case and getting the IRS to back off. (The Tax Court actually referred the case to the IRS Appeals Office for resolution because the amount involved was not big enough for them to get involved.) The IRS were forced to change their decision not to allow my daughter as my dependent (and also the inclusion of the unemployment compensation in my taxable income), resulting in the reversal of the $3,500.00-plus in additional taxes, penalties and interest that they were trying to collect from me. Even more important than that amount of tax (for 2009) was the fact that if Patrick had not helped me in fighting off the IRS, I would forever not be able to correctly claim my daughter as a dependent on my tax return, thereby losing out on all the tax deductions, credits and other benefits that I am entitled to in respect of her. That would have been almost 20 years of tax benefits (ranging anywhere from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 per year) that I would have lost out on! Thank you, Patrick and AAKOBB Financial Services.

The IRS denied the tuition and fees expenses that I reported on my 2010 tax returns (Form 1040), resulting in the disallowance of the education credits I claimed on the return as well (because those were based on the reported tuition and fees deduction), and they sent me a letter showing that I owed additional tax in the amount of $2,500.00 (plus interest). The reason the IRS gave for the disallowance was “lack of verification” because, according to them, I had not shown proof that I actually paid the reported tuition and fees amount. A friend told me about AAKOBB Financial Services and advised me to go talk to them, so I called the phone number he gave me and made an appointment to meet with Patrick, and I’m glad I took my friend’s advice. To make a long story short, Patrick got the IRS to change their mind about my tuition and fees expenses and restore my education credits, which resulted in the cancellation of the additional taxes and interest they were asking me to pay. In addition to getting the IRS off my back for the 2010 taxes, AAKOBB did my 2012 tax returns for me and got me a much bigger refund than I had expected. (Before I went to see Patrick I had used TurboTax to try and prepare my 2012 returns and the refund it had shown was about a third of what AAKOBB got me.)


I received a letter from the New York State Department of Finance and Taxation (NYSDTF) that they had changed the filing status I used for my 2010 New York State tax returns based on information they received from the federal government (IRS), and as a result I owed them (the State of New York) additional taxes amounting to almost $3,200.00. This letter was actually dated in December 2013, by which time the amount I supposedly owed had ballooned to over $4,600.00 because of penalties and interest. (The states’ tax departments are just like the IRS, if not even worse!) I spent 4 months – December 2013 through March 2014 – trying to get this issue resolved with the NY state tax authorities to no avail, and then towards the end of March I called Patrick and spoke with him about it. (Patrick is actually an old friend and I was simply venting my frustration with the NYSDFT to him, because somehow I had forgotten that he is a tax professional. Well, I was just about to find out how good he really is!) All it took was one phone call from him (with me on the phone in a conference call – because I had not even had the chance to give him the power of attorney needed for him to deal with the NY state tax folks on my behalf) and in a matter of minutes he had figured out exactly what the problem was and gotten the NYSDFT agent we spoke with to agree to put a hold on my case while he worked with me to get the necessary information to prove that I did not owe them any additional taxes! Patrick quickly sent me a power of attorney form to sign and return to him with certain pieces of information (documents) that he said he needed to get my case resolved, and in a matter of days he had gotten the NYS tax folks to reverse themselves and send me a letter saying my case was resolved and that I no longer owed them any additional taxes for 2010! I simply couldn’t believe the very efficient and effective manner in which he handled my case and got it resolved, and I was even more impressed with the seeming ease and professionalism with which he dealt with the NYS tax officials. Friend or not, I’m here to tell you that Patrick really knows his stuff, and anyone having problems with the tax authorities would really be lucky to have him working for them.


I went to see Patrick at AAKOBB Financial Services in January of 2013 based on a friend’s recommendation. I was then under audit by the IRS for my 2009, 2010 and 2011 tax returns because the person who had prepared those returns for me had apparently put significant amounts of business expenses (various types) on the return unbeknownst to me, and the IRS wanted me to provide proof of those expenses. After reviewing my copies of the tax returns being audited and the other documents the IRS auditor had given me (and also listening to my explanation of what happened – the kind of work I do and how the tax returns were prepared), Patrick calmly and politely told me that without the necessary documentation and other acceptable forms of proof to support the business expenses reported on my returns (Schedule C), there wasn’t much chance of stopping the IRS from disallowing the expenses. (He also proceeded to explain to me in layman’s terms why that was so.) He added, however, that he was going to do everything he could to “minimize the damage” (i.e., how much additional tax I was going to be required to pay for those years), and he made good on his word: Patrick met with the IRS agent working on my case and not only got him to make some concessions with regards to the number of business expense items and their amounts that he was disallowing, but also successfully convinced him (the IRS agent) to not impose any accuracy penalties on me to add to the additional amount of tax I was required to pay as a result of the audit.

But the story didn’t end there: Patrick advised and guided me on how to straighten up my record-keeping so we could get the proper documentation to support my business expense deductions on tax returns going forward, and needless to say he prepared my 2012 (and recently 2013) tax returns for me and they were accepted by the IRS without question. In addition (and this is even bigger), I was unable to pay the additional taxes I owed to the IRS from the 2009–2011 audit, causing interest and late-payment penalties to continue piling up on the balances. Then the same thing happened with the tax due on the 2012 return (and recently the 2013 tax return as well), and all this while Patrick was working with me in trying to negotiate an acceptable payment plan with the IRS. Eventually, he got the IRS to accept an OIC (Offer-in-Compromise) that only requires me to pay just about one-fifth (20%) of the thousands of dollars that I owe them in taxes, penalties and interest for all 5 years (2009 through 2013)!

I simply can’t say enough about Patrick and his firm, AAKOBB Financial Services; they have literally saved my life, because I had no idea how I was going to pay all that money I owed to the government – or if I ever could finish paying it off in my lifetime. Now thanks to Patrick, I don’t have to look forward to a lifetime of indebtedness to Uncle Sam anymore, and it feels like I have a new lease on life! The AAKOBB folks really know what they’re doing when it comes to taxes, and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone having problems with the IRS. For now, all I can say is, thank you Patrick!

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