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Atlai es un buen muchacho muy atento a su trabajo me ayudó con todo lo que necesitaba ni en ningún momento me quito la atención explicó todo muy claro y dejo entender todo estoy muy agradecido con su servicio y atención al cliente muchas gracias. Agustín

I spoke with Mel first thing this morning needing assistance with obtaining insurance for my 1978 F150. We were not able to get what I needed but Mel was persistent and worked on the issue for me and called me back within the hour with a very workable solution! She was very friendly and professional and she helped solve my problem. She provided excellent customer service! Thanks Mel.

My parents recently got insurance in this office and they had such a good experience they wanted me to leave a review for them. The ladies helping them were awesome so nice and bubbly my parents were greeted as soon as they walked in which made them feel welcome and comfortable. The ladies were so helpful and provided my parents with all the information they asked. I would be recommending this insurance office to everybody I know, thanks to the staff that went above and beyond to help my parents.

After shopping around for the last month these guys were the cheapest out there, and their service was WAY BETTER then my past carrier for FIVE YEARS!!. I wouldn't go anywhere else. These guys know what they're doing. I've been with them for nearly 8 years and they've always had the best rates in town. don't take a chance, get your insurance from these agents. I specifically talked to Araceli and she was great help!

Great price and very nice ppl.

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