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Now I am convinced there is a real difference.  Called Bill about Flood coverage for our business.  I missed the bill on our current flood policy and it lapsed.   Have other business with them so thought why not let them give me a price - Saved several thousand dollars on our flood coverage - even found out the agent I had it with had it miss rated and would have been less to start with.  So that did not make me happy!!

Really give them a call for your commercial insurance. 

We have had out business insurance with Bill for several years.  This year we had to switch our coverage - he made it very quick and simple - other than having to pay money!  

We had a vacant dwelling -  they tried every company most of which I never heard of - alas they were unable to find coverage.  I really do appreciate the time and effort spent.  They still report back on their continuing effort to find coverage.   

We have had our Business Insurance with the same office for years and yes they did a good job for us - answered questions all that stuff.  Then one day we needed a new Bond for the business and I thought I should just check around.  Well Bill asked me a lot of questions and said he would call me back and within an hour we had the bond taken care of.  In that conversation he asked about our business insurance so I after awhile I let him look at what we had.  Mercy - they gave us better coverage, talked about some new ideas and saved our business $2,000.  That is money in our pocket - not the insurance company.  

Geico for the last ten years and when Doug told me that I would save over $ 300 and get this - better liability limits better uninsured limits ADDED Medical payments ( which Geico did not tell me about ) I had it on my prior policy and best of all Doug explained what those coverages were and I other things I not know that!  So I did need an agent and still saved BIG money!  Also heard even Geico has agents now - guess you even now they think a company person is important.

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